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Ravi Interviewed by Integral Yoga Magazine

In an issue about the yoga of business, IYM learns about Leadership Yoga and my ideas about the Hierarchy of Human Needs and the Yogic Chakra System.

An invited video lecture I made about the connections between the Indian Vedanta system of philosophy and Freemasonry.

Decreased Nocturnal Awakenings re: Bikram Yoga

Download my 2012 research paper from an open-source neuro journal on how Bikram’s hot Yoga affects sleep quality.

Innovators love Yoga (and you should too)

Download my 2010 paper in Peter Drucker’s leadership journal on how Yoga can improve work-related outcomes like stress, self-regulation, and creativity.

Can yoga solve India's caste problem?

A CNN feature I wrote about how Yoga practice and philosophy can improve issues of social justice.

A 15-minute yoga practice for morning energy. Taught by: Julie Miller / Directed by: Ravi S. Kudesia